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Discover the Secret of

Reprogramming your mind!

A Few Words About Arturo

Arturo have helped and guided thousands of lives. His passion for helping you exceeds the ordinary self help systems.

With unconventional methods of energy healing and mind reprogramming, Arturo will be able to pinpoint the root cause of your problems and aim for the new you.

His natural gifts allows him to see your energetics and have a very fast and good idea of what really is affecting you, stopping you, and sabotaging you.

No matter if the energetics are internal or external, programing or past life karmic debts.

If you want to feel better and recover your self value or if you want to achieve your dreams and desires with less effort, you may be in the right place. There is no coincidence you found him.

Upcoming Events

Year Round

The 7 day FREE transmutation meditation challenge




6:15 pm - 7:30 pm Every Friday. Local event at the B-Intuitive Store and Online Streaming. Comedytation is coming up on January 26th 2024

Comedytation offers a potent path to raise awareness and reprogram deep-seated traumas, patterns, habits, and behaviors.

This one-of-a-kind real-life comedy stand-up brings a light-hearted yet conscious approach to examining our human predicaments across all spheres.

From relationships to professional life, existential quests, psychological insights, emotional landscapes, and even political musings—every aspect and perspective finds a place in the dialogue.

Arturo Gaitan steers the discussion based on the audience's vibrational energy the moment the class commences, rendering each session and content uniquely responsive.

Following the rollercoaster of emotions in his stand-up, which swings from laughter to tears and blends funny, conscious outrage, Arturo channels a meditation tailored to open channels for healing or initiate transformative changes in that specific area of your life.

Membership $29.29 Monthly

Pay yearly $351.48 Save 2 months Just $292.90



Mind Repro Lab

The Mind Repro Lab is a virtual haven offering authentic, unfiltered content, materials, and exercises geared toward personal growth.

Centered around Arturo Gaitan's Transmutation Meditation Method, this platform is designed to reprogram mindsets, propelling individuals forward in their life journey.

Packed with emotional and spiritual growth resources such as meditations, mantras, mind reprogramming content, and exercises, this space covers a spectrum—from relaxation techniques, improved sleep and rest, stress management, to breath-work and transformative meditations.

Catering to various aspects of life, this site serves as a comprehensive support system in the daily quest for understanding and balance.

It's an indispensable daily companion for anyone seeking to sustain a higher vibration and gain a more profound perspective on life.

What you get:

  • 1 weekly meditation

  • Arturo's meditations archive

  • 1 daily expression, thought, affirmation or mantra in a REPRO format

  • Comedytation

Membership $39.99 Monthly

Pay yearly $479.88 Save 2 months Just $399.90



The I AM Healing Lab

The I AM Healing Lab is a unique sanctuary crafted for those seeking emotional and spiritual restoration, which in turn nurtures physical well-being.

Our primary focus revolves around healing deep-seated, unconscious imprints of trauma stemming from childhood, past lives, bodily distress, and challenging perspectives.

Within this potent space, unconventional methods await—powerful tools not only for healing but also for mind reprogramming.

Arturo Gaitan's philosophy revolves around two pivotal elements crucial for achieving balance, inner peace, and happiness: healing and mind reprogramming.

Every tool within this sanctuary aims to guide individuals through healing and mind reprogramming, fostering the equilibrium necessary to progress in life by harnessing the highest vibrations.

These vibrations serve as a magnetic force, attracting better experiences and connections.

Arturo firmly believes that one cannot expect the best from themselves while trapped in unconscious trauma imprints, entangled in controlling patterns and behaviors.

He's not merely a believer but certain that these principles can help people attain a better life—just as he did for himself."

What you get:

  • 1 weekly class with Q&A (Wednesday's 6:15pm)

  • 1 monthly Reprogramming - every 1st Wednesday of each month

  • 1 Vision Class

  • Community access

  • Personal mandalas 30% discount

  • Healing and Reprogramming Retreats (note: this is optional the cost of the retreat is not included)

  • Arturo's meditations archive (Mind Repro Lab)*

  • 1 daily expression, thought, affirmation or mantra in a REPRO format (MRL)*

  • Comedytation

  • Mind Repro Lab*

Membership $222.20 Monthly

Pay yearly and Save 2 months...


DEC 28 JAN/11

The Manifestus Club

The Manifestus Club stands as an exclusive virtual enclave, reserved solely for individuals who acknowledge the boundless potential lying within our extraordinary human brain and mind.

This group comprises resilient minds delving into facets of the mind that pave the way to specific vibrations and mindsets fostering prosperity manifestation and success.

More than a support network, it's a collective that understands life's unpredictable nature, demonstrating the strength to conquer any hurdle.

At the heart of this club lies a repertoire of unconventional success tools and materials, shaping it into a niche community reserved for believers in the hidden forces and potentials our universe holds.

Arturo Gaitan, known for his annual underground classes, has now curated continuous access to energetic tools capable of reshaping any open mind toward success while cultivating a harmonious life.

Through previous classes, individuals tapping into this power achieved higher levels of manifesting prosperity and abundance, with an eye always on life balance and the nurturing of physical health.

What you get:

  • 1 Prosperity Class Value $800 value

  • 1 Abundance Class $800 value

  • 6 Manifesting Classes $800 value

  • 1 Repro x month 1st Thursday of each month

  • 1 Mastermind round table x month 2nd Thursday of each month

  • 1 Manifesting praying circle per month 3rd Thursday of each month

  • 1 or 2 Thursdays left of the month we will be gathering for a soul talk circle

  • Access to the I AM Healing Membership

  • Access to Comedytation Membership

  • Access to Mind Repro Lab Membership

  • Manifestus Club Community

Membership $333.00 Monthly

Pay yearly and Save 2 months...

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